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Welcome to Audi’s All new Platform

Internally, Audi refers back to the A4 lineage having a B designation. Why the discrepancy? The model legacy traces to the 1972 Audi 80, and also the A4 title wasn’t adopted until 1996 for that United States market. Therefore latest generation of the audi A4 is going to called the b9. No in no way is this amazing brand trying to confuse you with always updating but rather just referring to internal codes! not meant to confuse the public. The company has offered greater than 12 million A4s all over the world, which puts this new generation around the A-list if this involves brand importance.

Should you squint, the brand new vehicle appears like a face lifted form of the final-generation face lift revealed in 2013. We obtain exactly the same impression from the new A4 once we use the 3rd-generation Audi TT: it has not been adequately re-conceived, it has been adequately re-detailed. However with moving towards the up-to-date Volkswagen group platform referred to as Major league baseball Evo, 90 % from the components about this vehicle are new. Around the outdoors, individuals changes are reflected through much deeper toning on the body that’s comparable how tall it was before. Other changes include the tweaked grille separates reworked car headlights, that are standard over the selection now.

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